Tabla Blazer pro FMK1

The new FMK range from BlazerPro includes brand new street and park decks developed with our European team. The park deck is 19.5” while the street deck is a lengthy 22” - The forged neck/headtube and high-quality welding provide ample strength and confidence while the weight is kept to a minimum thanks to the lightweight holes throughout the deck. The deck base features a double edge concave making it easier to lock in to rails and copings while the deckrails offer minimum friction allowing you to slide with ease. Forged neck 6061 T4/T6 heat-treated double edge concave deck Integrated headtube 83° Street - 560mm x 120mm (22” x 4.75”) Brake: Flex Fender Grip tape included Weight: 1.7kg without brake/axle Size: 560 x 120 MM